We specialize in installing, servicing and maintaining your new and vintage windows and doors. Window Pros have been a registered service provider for Andersen Windows & Doors since 1997. With our expert knowledge of all our manufactures product lines we’re confident in our ability to provide our customers with quality services that give us an advantage over other window dealers. Our 19 years of experience with product assembly, combination setup, on-site service and maintenance gives us an advantage in understanding the types of issues that commonly occur with your windows and doors.  We attend regular service meetings and seminars by Andersen Windows to providing our customers with perfect service experience utilizing the latest manufacturers recommended service procedures to make your service call a perfect experience.

Professional Installation


  • Experienced

    As an Andersen Certified Installer you’ll be specifically trained and certified to install Andersen® windows and patio doors.

  • Tested

    Andersen Certified Installers experience rigorous hands-on training to become certified.

  • Informed

    Andersen Certified Installers receive ongoing product information and support from Andersen.

  • Supported

    Andersen Certified Installers have access to Andersen Certified Installer Concierge Services which provides installers with personal support through help-desk representatives and on-line tools and resources.

  • Trusted

    Andersen Certified Installers stand behind their work, and Andersen stands behind them.


We offer a 2yr Installation guarantee on all newly install window & door units backed by Andersen Corporation. We always use manufactures recommended installation procedures and follow all installation guides to ensure your newly installed window or door product will perform exactly as the manufacture intended. Having a water and air tight seal on your newly installed window or door product is one of the most important aspects of a great installation.


We care for your overall window and door performance. Making proper adjustments, replacing all kinds of hardware components (casement operators, DH sash locks) also replacing cracked or broken glass and thermal pane glass with seal failure (moisture between the glass panes). We replace all types of thermal pane glass, doors, windows, large front entry foyer glass, trapezoids, rectangles, ½ rounds, circles or specialty glass shapes. We can also replace any damaged or missing interior wood stops or trim component.

Site Inspection

We can address the overall performance and condition of all your window & door components. We can also assist you with identifying your window products in order for you to receive the correct parts and service information you need. Ordering the proper parts is always an essential part of doing a great job. New construction site inspections are also a great way to insure Andersen products are installed properly per the manufacturer installation instructions from the first day.

Warranty and Non-Warranty

We perform all types of warranty & non-warranty service calls.  We are online and in contact with the manufactures every day to ensure we diagnose your service calls right the first time. We have been an Andersen registered service provider for 19 yrs. We honor all Andersen Windows and Doors warranties.



All our services include proper disposal of any and all glass, window sashes and door panels. 

We Sell, Service, and Install products from the following vendors:

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